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Healing Comes From Within

As massage therapists, our role is to initiate the natural healing process which lives within each one of us. But, due to life’s circumstances our body is not always our best friend. We are trained at a very young age to hold in emotions and to not express our feelings. As we get older most of us don’t even recognize the turmoil that we have created inside our own bodies. As adults we have become quite proficient at masking our feelings which makes our day-to-day lives seem quite healthy. [···]

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Transition of Stone Massage

Stone work has been used for centuries as a healing practice by most indigenous people. Over the past ten years, stone work has entered the spa industry on many different levels. The use of Reiki/Energy Work, Swedish Massage, and Deep Tissue Therapy are just a few techniques that have been represented in this modality. The least recognized in this group is the use of ‘hot and cold stones’ for deep tissue application. [···]

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Working With Respect

Prior to my first LaStone Therapy workshop with Mary Nelson in 1997, I was a typical massage therapist with a background in sports and medical massage. My approach at the time was very one-dimensional and the notion of associating spirituality with my work never occurred to me. However, during that first workshop with Mary, I learned about working with intent. I learned the importance of being aware of the energy that we all have when we work, but the bigger question remains what to do with this energy and how do we channel it into our massage work? The answer for me was through the use of stones. [···]

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