How to Introduce Cool/Cold Stones into your session

How to Introduce Cool/Cold Stones into your session

In the first news letter I shared with you, I covered the importance of working with cooler temps and how it helps the body heal. There are several factors involved with chilled marble stones

  • Being able to explain to your client the importance of cool/cold stones
  • Speaking with conviction
  • Knowing the proper application
  • Being aware of which part of the body is most sensitive to cold

I work with cold/cool stones in every session I do with hot stones unless medically contraindicated. This means if a client says “I hate cold” that is not good enough for me. This means it is up to you to explain the benefits in a manner they will understand. As body-workers, we need to stand by what we know is right; remember we are the professionals. Over the past 11 years of doing stone massage, I have not had one person turn down a session with cool stones if medically appropriate.

When starting with a new client or trying to make the transition with marble stones, the introduction has to be gradual in order to build confidence. If someone has been saying for many years that they hate cold, well guess what; they will not like it. I suggest you start off with a pillow stone because even if you are not doing a stone session a cool stone at the base of the neck will feel great. When clients have a strong resistance to cooler temps, makes sure the stones are not too cold. Taking marble out of the freezer is about as cold as a stone will get which is not good for a hesitant client. Most often you will be taking the marble out of a cooler and if need be you should take them out a few minutes before using them. There is a direct correlation between the amount of heat and the amount of cool; if the stones are not that cold, the basalt stones will not be that hot. It is important to bring in balance since it is what our body needs and deserves. When speaking to your client about the marble, you will get a much better response by using the word cool as opposed to cold.

Three additional points when applying cool stones

  • Your client should be exhaling when you first apply the cool stones;
  • When the stones first make contact, press firmly and do not move them until the client has adjusted to the temperature change;
  • Pressure must be firm and slow and only lighter and maybe faster if your client likes cool stones.

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